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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The end

The end
Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes into hours.  Days and months turned into the same of the never ending pain he left me in.  I remember when we first met how as soon as he walked in the door how the light glistened off his head and I was lost.  Lost deep in his eyes as soon as ours met.  I was there in the same lane ready to take a journey of our lives intertwined never knowing the lies would be apart of it.
His demeanor was smooth and in control exactly what I wanted, needed, and desired of a happy ever after.  I wanted to take things slow and blossom into a beautiful friendship.  I opened myself up to him for him to read every, noun, adjective, pronoun, and adverb.  Nothing held back although I only knew the surface of who he truly was.  I feel in love with his representative.  A representative of who he truly was to me.
He gave me broken promises of what our life would be not knowing it included the demon down beneath.  He said he'd never hurt me that way because he knew first hand how his heart had been torn to shreds by the woman he gave his life to.  What happened between that time and me?
 He told me sweet nothing's of his profound love he had never felt for another till he met me.  He told me how I opened places in his heart he never knew he had.  He looked me deep in my eyes filled with tears of happiness only belonging to me.  He described his love to me like poetry. He had me floating into the galaxy a world only belonging to him and me.  Described as paradise a world filled with no judgement, unconditional love, freedom to be who we really were no facade to belong in the world people wanted us to be.
The love we had was way beyond the physical a majestical sweet fantasy away from reality.  How long could we be in that world before the truth was revealed of the man he truly was. No white doves floating around us with unfearing  butterflies laid upon us.  The truth was bound to come out. Dark clouds began to cover us.  Never could we just be in paradise with the lies piercing through the stretched truths he led me to see.
His hands had me under his spell controlling me like he was my puppet master.  He'd gently touch my cheek and I was consumed with a fiery burn deep within.  Willing and ready to fulfill any desire or fantasy.  The sweet tone of his voice directed the tempo my heart beat held.  The softness of his lips felt like thousands of fluffy pillows caressing my lips, my breast, my fingertips, every single part of me.  He made love to me through my mind all day. From waking me with a simple "morning baby," to asking me how my day was.  If I was hungry he'd cook for me, feed me catering to me like a man should.  Sending text messages to me while were sitting in the same room of how he's thinking of only me.
When it was time to go to bed he would take my body on a journey I never experienced before. He would stare deep in my eyes like he was seeing my soul. He would treat my body like I was his beautiful work of art.  How he admired every crease, and curve of my body. He'd say "your so beautiful baby,"and I'd blush and turn away, but he'd never take his eyes off me.  He'd make me feel like he and I were the only ones left in the world.  In our own world.  He'd slowly undress me and pay extra attention to the places I was insecure about to show me that my imperfections made me perfect in his eyes.  As he was slowly pulling my pants off my heart pounded like a high school percussion section in the marching band.
As he held my foot he slowly placed my toes in his mouth savoring my flavor.  He traced his tongue from my shin to my right hip and my back arched in pleasure.  My body jerked from the experience and I placed my hands in his soft curls.  He kissed my stomach and came up to my erect waiting nipple.  He grabbed it with his right hand and feed himself.  Tingling sensations ran through me and she was seeping with those sweet juices yearning for him to taste.
He placed his left hand on my cheek and my eyes instantly closed and I fell deeper into his touch like a cat purring for more.  He pulled me into him and we became one with an intense passionate kiss. Our tongues slow danced inside of each other's mouth and gave me the best taste I ever had.  He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me deeper into him and I melted.  He'd always whisper in my ear how he was so lucky to have me, how we were soul mates, how he loved me.  I'd place my hands on his face and kiss him letting him know I felt the same.  He pulled my legs apart and saw how my green lace boy shorts were soaking wet.  He smiled because he knew I wore them special for him because it was his favorite color.  He took his time taking my body in his mind, always told me he wanted to always remember that moment.  He slide my panties to the side and covered my clit with the warmth of his mouth all in the same second.  I let out a moan and it seemed like it made him want to hear that sound more like an addict needing that high from whatever drug they were on.  I was his addiction and he was mine.
He couldn't wait he pulled them off so he could spread my thighs wider so he could see all of her.  He admired how fat my sweet quqanoo was draining sweet juices made just for him. He placed his tongue deep inside my soaking wet, warm, juicy sweet quqanoo.  He gave her French kisses like he was the one who invented that term.  He took his time tasting every part attached to her not missing one place untouched.  He placed my right thigh on his shoulder so he could go deeper and deeper inside of me.  He'd come up and we'd kiss passionately transferring my sweet juices from his mouth into mine.
He pulled both of my legs up holding my feet within his hands and placed them above my head while his dick played peek a boo with my dripping wet quqanoo.  He pulled my left foot to his lips and took my toes in his cool soft mouth.  Moans seeped out of my mouth and he pulled my legs apart and exposed the sweetest part of me.  I felt his dick jump just from the sight of her.  The anticipation was eating at both of us.  He was sitting at the base of my ass.  He placed his hands on the base of my back and pulled her close to his lips and took in all of my aroma.  He slowly brought me down to the bed and the tip of his dick began spreading my lips apart and slowly entered inch by inch deeply inside of me.  We both let off a moan and the show began.  I slow wined my hips like reggae was playing in the back ground.  He laid his body on top of mine, chest to breast and we became one.  My juices coated every inch of him and he slowly pulled him out and placed him directly in my waiting mouth.  I sucked and licked every drop of evidence away like she never existed.  He eased him out of my mouth now coated with my sweetness and dove deep inside of me again.  My right leg was pulled up inside of his arm and it looked like I was his personal guitar and he played every string attached.  His back arched as he pulled out and dove deeper and deeper inside of me.  Our eyes stayed connected like that was our life line.  Passionate kisses, moans, and the way our bodies moved reminded me of the beautiful scenery of the waves crashing against the sand from the ocean on a sunny summer day.  His thrust felt like he was trying to pump life inside of me with an emergency.   His lips caressed my ear and I heard him telling me how much he loved me, needed me, desired me, and how fucking wet and sweet my pussy felt and tasted.
In and out, over and over, he plunged his dick inside of me.  His pace started picking up and you could hear the smacking of his body crashing deep into me.  He flipped me over and he smacked my ass and told me I was his good girl.  He put his hands on the sides of my ass and held on as he entered me again from the back.  I arched my back so I could allow him to go as deep as he pleased.  His thrust was commanding my undivided attention and I gave it without fight.  His hands began creeping up to my shoulders and he pulled me deep into his lap.  They grasped my throat and instantly I opened up wider and gave him the ride he was looking for.  Harder and harder, over and over he pounded harder into me.  I felt it building up inside of me and I squirted all over his dick, his thighs, my thighs, our legs and the bed was drowning beneath the waterfall we made.  It seemed like that motivated him and he began fucking me with a vengeance.  His moans got louder and now out of sync like he was losing control.  I told him to give it to me baby show me how much you love me.  He did just that he coated the insides of me with his semon coated love.  He collapsed on my back and told me he would love me forever.
Forever seems so much longer than we, him and me.