Xaria's Erotic Endeavors

Friday, November 25, 2011

Play Date

I’ve known Angelica just about all my life.  We got married back in 08 and we have had some ups and downs.  Right now is more of the down slop then even getting a glance of what up looks like.  I’m hoping that we can work this out cause I’m really getting tired of all this drama we have just about every day.  I know I have a lot to do with majority of our issues but I’m not giving up.  I love this woman and I just gotta figure out a way to show her. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so maybe I’ll just have to show her how “Thankful I am!”  We head out to my family’s house and enjoy a lovely meal and the company of my close ones.  My cousin Juanna had her baby Bella there and she was so beautiful.  I looked over at Angelica and thought what our baby would look like if we ever had one.  Wonder what we would name the baby?  If we had a boy would we name him Bishop Jr, or jasmine if it were a girl?  Wow never thought about that before! 

I just kept staring at her and realizing how beautiful she truly was.  She had these almond brown eyes with soft caramel flawless skin.  She was 5’3’’ and we meshed well together.  It’s like we mesh well together.  If I was lying on the couch and she climbed on, she fit perfectly into me like she was the missing piece to my puzzle.

It was about that time for us to head home and my mind began running a mile a minute.  We pulled out of my people’s house and began our journey home.  The song “You the one” came on and I just started listening to the words and everything she was saying was exactly how I was feeling about Angelica.  I reached over to touch her hand and just from the touch heat began swelling in my pants.  She looked over at me for a second then looked back to the street.  I started picturing her breast in my mouth and the wetness of her pussy sucking my dick deeply inside. 

I was driving myself crazy just from the thought of that scene because we hadn’t had sex in two weeks from all the arguing and anger.  I was about to burst and we had an hour drive to get home, but I remembered there was this park about 10 mins. down the street.  We had never done anything outside of the house so I felt a lil adventurous and I was hoping she would feel the same.  She started looking around puzzled when she saw I was pulling into this dimly lit park.  She say’s, “Bishop is everything ok?  Why are we stopping? 

I don’t respond I just park the car turn off the lights and get out.  I couldn’t chance saying anything and messing up this scene I had brewing.  I walk over to her side of the car and open the door and reach for her hand and she reluctantly gives it to me.  I guide her out and we walk to the playground a lil ways away from the car.  Its so dark out here that no one would every know we were here.  All night she was teasing me crossing her legs so the split in her skirt showed a small part of her thigh.  I walked her to the steps and put her close to the rail and pushed her over it a little.  She looked at me and saw that look in my eyes and did as I instructed. 

She bent over on the rail and spread her legs a little to help me get full entry.  I slid her purple thongs to the side and slid my hard throbbing dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy and we both gasped for air.  It had been way too long that I felt this deep wet warm pussy of hers.  I would fill her up with all of me and slowly pull my dick out inch by inch and then I teased her with just the head of my dick.  Her hair was swinging and close to touching the ground and she hates when I tease her cause she’s a greedy girl.  She wants Daddy’s entire dick.  

It’s funny to hear her whining and being so vulnerable begging me to feed her this dick not a little part of it all of it.  I give her exactly what she wants.  I thrust my dick deeper and deeper into her till I can’t go anymore and whin my hips and slow grind on that sweet pussy.  I pull her up and take her to the opening of the sliding board’s tube and place her on her knees.  I grab two hand fulls of her fat ass and start fucking her with all my mite.  I have to hold back cause I don’t want this to end.  Being outside inside of her with no one even knowing we’re here has me intoxicated. 

Her moans fill the air and the cool breeze sends chills through my body.  I pump my dick deeper and deeper inside of her.  I release her ass and start to hold on the top of the sliding board and just thrust harder and harder inside of her and she gets wetter.  Her breast are bouncing up and down with every thrust and she’s saying my name and telling me how good it feels and at that moment I lose my footing and bust my ass and she goes sliding down the slide.  We laugh so hard like we had never laughed before.  I rush down the steps to pick her up and she starts walking back to the car and I pull her back and say, “I’m not done with you yet!”  Her eye raises and follows me with this beautiful smile on her face.  I place her on the swing and kneel before her and place her legs on my shoulders and begin swinging her back and forth while I taste that sweet wet pussy.  I gently suck and nibble on her thick clit and she lays her head back while her hair just dangles and swings in the air.  I trace small circles all in and around her pussy and it drives her crazy.  I love the way her voice sounds when she’s in ecstasy, so gentle and vulnerable and open and it’s all because of me.  Umm she turns me on even more and I don’t plan on stopping until I milk every drop from her.  I suck on that click and flick my tongue until her legs clinch around my neck and she cums all down my throat.  Damn, she tastes so good.  I lick my lips and she looks at me in amazement and asks, “Where did all this come from?”  I tell her how much I love her and how I want things to work between the two of us.  I want us to start working on our family and how I want us to start a new.  She kisses me so passionately that my knees buck and I can’t wait to get her home so we can go for round two.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Smack!  He hit me so hard I flew into the wall with such force that my head snapped back and made a dent in the wall.  Excruciating pain began shooting through my head and neck that I could hardly stay awake.  I felt nauseous and weak all at the same time, but I knew if I let this weakness take over he’d surly kill me!  Lord, please protect me from this devil trying to take my life.  Next thing I know he was on top of me hitting me like I was a man out in the streets. 
Pow!  Was the sound I heard when his fist hit my eye.  I became numb to all the pain going on and I kinda floated away into my happy place.  I felt this cool breeze wrapping its arms around me and I felt safe.  Even though I knew I was about to die I felt a calmness taking over.  It seemed like I was experiencing an outer body experience because I saw my body jumping on and off the ground from the impact of his punches.  I had never seen so much anger in all my days.  My right eye was closed but I could still see his soft brown eyes starring through me with tears streaming down his eyes saying, “you gone die bitch!  You gone die.”
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, and I was barely breathing.  He hovered over me for a few minutes looking at me in disgust then in the same split second he looked so sweet.  He left and I felt relieved, because I thought maybe he had changed his mind about taking my life.  I closed my other eye and my breathing began getting choppier.  I wasn’t afraid anymore I was at ease. 
Crrrrrrrrr Crrrrr rip, was the sound I heard as he was ripping my shirt apart.  I struggled to open my eye but I was too weak to even do that.  I felt something sharp run up my chest then, pop my bra flung apart and hit the floor.  He pulled me away from the wall and my breasts were bouncing up and down with every pull.  Tears began falling from my eye because I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.  He dropped my legs and forced them apart.  I tried to pull them in and fight him off but I was too weak.  I tried to scream but I couldn’t make a sound. 
I heard the jingling sound of him unbuttoning his belt and un-zipping his pants and I kept trying to pull my legs together but they felt like dead weight.  He fell on top of me and I could smell his stale breath breathing all up my nose and my stomach started churning.  He forced his dick in me with so much force I felt my vagina wall ripping.  He was pumping his thick dick harder and harder in side of me like he was trying to rip my pelvic bone off.  He put his hot mouth and yellow stained teeth on my nipples and began biting so hard.  I couldn’t scream or move and it was awful.  He began sucking on them and then started whispering in my ear, “no one will ever love you after I’m done with you!”
 He placed his hands around my throat and started squeezing while he was pumping his dick in and out of my pussy over and over.  “Damn, you got some good as pussy.  I mean it’s so wet, deep and it’s hugging the shit out of this big dick bitch.”  He removed his hands from around my neck and placed them under my ass and began spreading them apart so he was hitting deeper inside my pussy.  He began moaning louder and louder in my ear, “Ahhhh Ahhh Ummmm !  Damn, Bitch I’m about to cum so hard I’m gone blow your fucking body away. “He pulled out of me and threw me over so hard my nose hit the floor and blood began gushing from my nose and he could care less.  I couldn’t wipe it or move or scream or stop him I felt so helpless.  He pulled my butt up in the air and rammed his dick so hard in my ass that I threw up from all the pain I was experiencing.  He kept telling me over and over how my ass was so tight tighter than my pussy but not as sweet.  How he was going to rip my ass open and fuck me to death.
He was thrusting his huge dick in my little ass over and over and harder and harder.  He began yelling louder and louder, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”  He must have finished and nutted all in my ass because he got quiet and hunched over on my back.  He rolled over and instantly fell asleep.  I began praying and asking god to grant me the strength to move, to get to the phone, to yell for help or even be able to run.  I looked over at him and all my memories of our life were washed away with this awful nightmare that I prayed wouldn’t be replayed in my dreams.
My legs began feeling stronger and my arms began feeling stronger and I pulled myself up using the wall.  I used the wall to hold me up and grabbed whatever I could to hold on.  I reached the door and finally got it open and as I collapsed Papo came out of nowhere and held me up so I wouldn’t fall.  The way Papo looked at me with so much fear wouldn’t let me go and just kept telling me that everything would be ok.  Papo called the cops and wrapped me up in a blanket.  I passed out in Papo’s arms and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the intensive care unit with Papo right beside me holding my hand.  This was my second chance and I wasn’t gonna mess it up.  I said my prayer to GOD to come into my life and save me and I was reborn.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Faces of she

I strolled over to her with my red lace boy shorts, black pumps and nothing else on.  She was so deep into her work that she never noticed me walking up to her.  The way her fingers glide across those keys with so much intensity shoot chills right through me.  It seems like she’s in a trance and those keys are stings directing me.  The more she plays the stronger my desire grows.  The tune she’s playing is my story.  It starts off slow and out of sync almost naive to the melody.  Grows into a rapid savage beast controlling everyone’s attention, and now it’s a just a consistent pulsating pluck of the strings with a seductive feel that brings tears from within me.

I run my fingers through her dreads and take in her sweet aroma of cucumber melon.  Her eyes close and now I control the intensity of the melody her fingers play.  As I trace small circles along the right side of her neck, a moan seeps from her beautiful plump lips.  I begin French kissing her neck gentle at first and then I get a little more aggressive and her body begins jerking.  A smirk comes to my face but deep within my eyes you could see that beast appearing.  I run my fingers across those sexy lips of hers and she places them inside her warm, wet soft mouth one at a time, and instantly I become drenched in my sweet juices.  Waves begin rolling in my stomach that I feel deep inside my cavern I’m dying for her to explore. 

I place those same fingers deep in my pussy soaking them in my juices and place them one at a time back into her waiting mouth.  She begins sucking on them with emergency as if her life depended on it.  I had to pull them back cause I to want to taste my sweet flavor.  I place those same fingers in my mouth and taste the combination of her peppermint breath and my juices and it turns me on to no end.  I kiss her like I never kissed her before.  She puts her guitar down and picks me up cheek in each hand and places me up against the wall.

 She knows how I love it when she does that.  I wrap my legs around her waist and we kiss with so much passion my heart is pumping out of my chest and straight into hers.  I wine my hips slowly and begin stirring her insides, because I know how she loves when I wine my hips like were making love.  She grabs my face so I’m looking directly in her eyes and confesses her unconditional love for me.  She slowly slides me down the wall to the floor and pulls my panties off all at the same time.  I lay there vulnerable and yearning for her touch. 

She places my toes in her mouth then traces a line from my shin to the tip of my clit.  She sucks it gently in and out of her mouth teasing me leaving me in anticipating her next move.  She laps my pussy up so good she has my legs jumping and quivering uncontrollably.  She stops for a second and slickly say’s you ok up there?  I reply yes trying to catch my breath and she reply’s “Good Girl!”  Something about the way she says that turns me on to no end. 

She moves her tongue in a way it should be considered an art form.  She has my legs jumping and my body jerking like I’m having a seizer.  She places her mouth back on top of my pussy and starts milking this huge orgasm brewing inside of me.  I try to hold it back because I don’t want this moment to end but within minutes I’m gushing all over her face.  She just keeps saying, ”Good Girl, Good Girl, Gooooood Girl!” Another orgasm rushes over me again and she has this evil grin on her face.  She places her fingers inside of me and whispers in my ear, “we’re not done yet boo I know you got more for me!” 
Feeling her breath in my ear and her warmth on top of me I came again.  She traces circles down my neck, past my breast right to my clit.  She doesn’t waste time she jerks my legs over her shoulders and pins me so I can’t move.  She looks at me so piercing and just dives so deep inside of me I could have sworn I was giving birth to her.  Oh my goodness this shit feels so good.  She says to me, “Let me hear those ABC’s.”  I take a breath and begin AHHHHHH I I mean A UMMM Babababab B oooohhh boo ummm She stops and laughs and says, “is this what you were taught in class?”  Boo stop playing I’m trying to get it out but you can eat the shit out of my pussy, I reply.  She sucks my clit and then I feel like there are a thousand tongues all over my pussy and within seconds ripples and ripples of orgasms flow from me.  My legs are jumping uncontrollably and I get a cramp in my toes because I clinched them so hard.  Whew!  When she finally was done I woke up in the bed the next morning.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Forbidden Lover

My body seems to be on fire in the inside, but he doesn’t notice.  My nipples are so hard you could poke a hole in a paper bag!  He just stands there while I’m mind fucking him as if he doesn’t notice what’s going on.  Every time he opens his mouth I want to stick my finger all in it and have him suck it as if it’s my clit filling up his mouth.  Damn, I mean why does he do this to me?  How did I get this bad?
We met six months ago at my cousin’s house, and he was just a cool person.  I mean when I looked at him I thought he was attractive but that was it.  He talked to me about things that went on in his past and I gave him advice and vice versa.  I mean I never thought we would keep in touch although we did exchange information. 
While my husband Gabriel was working and traveling, Romeo would call and check on me and I’d do the same for him.  We started talking everyday sometimes three and four times a day.  We talked more than what my husband and I talked.  The conversations we had were mentally stimulating and so much fun.  Sometimes I’d say to myself, “Damn, he has more of a desire to communicate with me than my husband who I’ve been married to and committed to for six years now!”  It was cool to have a relationship with a person of the opposite sex and it is strictly platonic. 
After three months of us having consistent contact with one another, I truly knew a lot about him and had a desire to continue getting to know him.  I knew he had a daughter named Destiny, his favorite color was green, his favorite food was lasagna, and his favorite movie was “Romeo & Juliet.”  Sometimes he would joke with me by calling me his Juliet. 
Juliet is who I desired to be but I’d never tell him that.  I would just laugh it off every time he called me that and just said he was silly.  One thing I noticed about him is that he never talked about a special lady in his life other than me.  When Gabriel was disrespectful and mean to me I’d try not to talk about it but Romeo could tell something was wrong and wouldn’t let it go until I told him what was going on.  He never once talked bad about Gabriel he’d try to get me to understand why men acted and talked the way they did, but always told me no one ever deserved to be treated like that.  
 Romeo told me that he was planning on coming back to Gretna to stay for a month or so because he had training to do for his job and I got so excited.  I’d finally have my favorite person in the whole wide world in the same city as me for a whole month.  I was on cloud nine I told Gabriel and he could care less, he told me that I needed to grow up and stop acting like a damn child cause that guy wasn’t my friend.  His words hurt so bad.  I mean that wasn’t true because he told me that I was a great true friend, true friend is what he said.  It’s just like Gabriel, always trying to hurt my feelings.  Don’t know why he likes to hurt me so much but it’s getting old. 
The day had finally come when Romeo was to fly in.  He had asked me to pick him up from the airport and I was more than eager to pick him up.  As he was walking down that long hallway it seemed like time had just stopped and it was only him moving with this light shining on him from head to toe.  His stride was that of a black stallion demanding all attention with a graceful sway of his hips.  His lips seemed so suck able and his muscles were bulging out of his shirt.  I began wondering why I never noticed how sexy he was before.   I mean I thought he was an attractive man but never did I notice how beautiful and deep his eyes were, or how deep his dimples were when he smiled at me.  He dropped his bags and grabbed me so tightly and spun me around and I just melted within his arms.  He kissed me on the cheek and said, “Hi my Juliet, your Romeo is home!”  I slapped his arm and said, “you so silly boy put me down.” 
The whole way to my cousin’s house we talked non-stopped and my mind raced non-stopped about where all these feelings were coming from.  He looked at me in mid- sentence and said, “I’m so sorry,” and I asked, “What are you sorry for?”  “You look so beautiful and classy with your hair cut like that.”  I was taken aback by that comment because all Gabriel did was carry on how I looked like a boy and how stupid I was for cutting it. “Thank you Romeo that was so sweet,” I told him and just kept driving.  We pulled into the driveway of my cousin’s house just in time because I didn’t know how much longer I could bite my tongue.  I wanted to tell him about all these emotions flooding my mind.
This feeling was new to me, because I never thought I’d feel this way about another man other than my husband.  He reached over and kissed me on my cheek and told me thanks and I was the best for having his back and getting him there.  I told him no problem, and got out of the car.  After about ten minutes of mind fucking him, my panties were drenched in lust.  I had to get out of there before the emotions got the best of me.  I told him I was gonna head home, and he reached for my hand and asked me to stay a little while longer.  At the slightest touch of his hand I felt my body being held down by quick sand.  I told him I’d stay for a little while longer but I should get home because it was getting rather late.  He asked me to watch this movie he had bought called borrowed something I couldn’t remember the whole title.
What I did remember was that it was about this girl that had feelings for this guy but due to certain circumstances she couldn’t be with him and I knew exactly what she was talking about.
In the middle of the movie I told him I should get home and he asked me why I kept trying to leave him, and I couldn’t hold my tongue back anymore.  I told him how all these emotions out of nowhere began pouring in at the airport.  How he made me feel so special and my husband made me feel like shit.  How he complemented my hair when the man I did it for said I looked like a boy and I was about to say my next words when he grabbed my face and gave me the most mind blowing kiss I had ever had in my life.
My mind was telling me to pull away and never see him again, but my body was screaming take me now.  I was like a hungry wolf trying to devour his being.  I ripped his shirt off and there was this black panther on his right muscular shoulder.  Damn he is so fucking sexy.  He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom.  He laid me down on the bed and kissed me so gentle.  He whispered in my ear that he was in love with me.  He told me about how he was serious about me being his Juliet.  My heart began beating so fast. 
He slowly undressed me, and caressed every part of my trembling body.  He admired every part of my body telling me how beautiful I was.  He kissed me from head to toe not missing a spot.  He spread my legs and dove his face deep within my wetness and slurped every drop.  His tongue played a sweet melody on the tip of my clitoris.  While his fingers held a constant temple diving deeper and deeper inside of me until I climaxed all over his fingers and his waiting tongue.  He inched his body on top of me and looked me deep into my eyes asking for permission to enter and I gladly granted permission. 
His thick nine inch dick slowly parted my pussy lips giving me painful pleasure with every thrust he gave going deeper and deeper inside my body.  He slowly thrust his thickness in me over and over as if we were doing this slow waltz.  He looked deep into my eyes with every thrust telling me that he was giving me all of him.  He kissed me so gentle and had so much passion for me it was over whelming.  I never felt this way not even in the six years of being with Gabriel. 
He had me on cloud nine and tears began flowing from my eyes and he began kissing them away, and asked if I was hurting and wanted to stop.  I told him to not stop until we both exploded at the same time.  He smiled and continued making passionate love to me.  This man had skills; the way he whined his hips and thrust that thick dick in me was if he was on the dance floor dancing to reggae or something.  Just the type of man I loved knowing how to dance and make love at the same time.
We went at it for hours nonstop until it felt like we had no more to give.  I looked over at him and he at I and asked, “Where do we go from here?” 

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Lifeguard

It was a beautiful sunny after noon.  The birds were chirping and there was this sweet lil breeze moving all over my body as I was laying out at the community pool called Gracey Park.  I have been so busy with my school work that I really haven't had a chance to hit the pool this whole summer.  I mean becoming a Forensic Scientist is no walk in the park.  The whistle was being blown which meant it was time for adult swim.  I was excited I mean dont get me wrong i like kids but its good to have a calmness in the pool without all the splashing and horsing around.  I took off my glasses and put on my hot pink and black flipflops which matched my hot pink and black bikini. 
I dipped the tips of my freshly painted hot pink and black toenails in the pool and the water felt so good.  I walked down the steps and let the water hug my body all over.  It brought chills up and down my spin of how good it felt.  I began swimming and everytime I opened and closed my legs water  seemed to be molesting my quqanoo with every stroke.  I came out of the water and began laughing because of what I had just thought about.  When I opened my eyes the lifeguard was starring at me puzzling.
 He was this sexy 6'3" carmel complected fine brother.  He had these almond brown eyes, long eyelashes, and these luscious suckable lips.  When he stood up it seemed like his body had been molded out with clay cause it was perfect.  My nipples hardened and my quqanoo began jumping from the meer thought of what it would feel like to feel those huge hands of his exploring all over my body.  I turned away because i didn't want him to see the drewl coming from my mouth from all these thoughts in my head. 
I dunked myself underwater and closed my eyes and just let my body go.  A few seconds later I felt a hand caress my thigh.  I jumped up and there he was right next to me.  He began laughing so hard at the look on my face.  I said, "Escuse me!  Does this thigh belong to you?  No..." before I could finish my next sentence he says, "I would love if it was, but I do appologise for touching you it was an accident."  I felt so embarrassed because of the attitude I had giving him knowing deep inside I wanted him to not only touch my thigh but suck and lick all over it.  I told him it was ok accidents do happen and i swam away.
With every stroke I took my mind raced thinking about that sexy lifeguard.  Damn he was so fine.  I wanted to see how those sexy lips of his would feel pressed against mine.  It would be so awesome for our tongues to do the forbidden tango for hours on end.  I wondered how his big hands would feel palming my ass and caressing my breast.  As my mind was moving a thousand miles a minute I felt these gentle firm hands grasp my hands.  I opened my eyes and there he was smiling at me.  I wiped the water off of my face and asked, “Is there something I can do for you?  You touched my thigh earlier, but said it was an accident.  Now you are holding my hand.  What’s going on?”  “Yes you can do something for me.  You can start off by telling me your name.”
My heart was pounding so fast and my mind was racing a thousand miles a minute, I calmly told him that my name was Serenity.  We stood there talking and getting to know each other so long that the kids waiting on the outside started yelling, “excuse us is it our time to get in the pool yet?”  Xavier looked down and his watch and discovered that he was supposed to have blown the whistle fifteen minutes ago.   He smiled and I was taken aback by those beautiful white teeth, and he blew the whistle to let those rowdy kids get in the pool.  I told him it was nice talking to him and I got out of the pool.  As I was drying off he came behind me and put his hands around my waist and asked where I was going.  Before I could open my mouth he pulled me close and kissed me so passionately that my knees buckled a little and my quqanoo was seeping with my sweet juices.
I pushed him away and starred into his beautiful almond eyes.  He pulled me closer again and whispered into my ear, “Serenity, come with me.”  I asked how could we go somewhere if he has to work, and he said there was another lifeguard there so if I didn’t mind going with him it was ok.  I wrapped my towel around me and followed him.  He took me into this room that said employees only and as soon as he closed the door he snatched the towel from around me.  Before I could ask him what he was doing he picked me up and placed me on the table.  He began kissing me passionately on my neck and pulled my bikini bottoms down.  He spread my legs and placed his two fingers deep inside my soaking wet creamy walls and took his fingers out and put them in his mouth.  He sucked every drop off his fingers and nodded his head in delight. He flicked his tongue over my swollen clit and sucked it sweetly.
 The way his tongue felt sliding in and out of my dripping wet quqanoo turned me on so much.  It felt like he was trying to milk the cum out of me.  He placed those same two fingers back inside of me while he was sucking on my clit and my body begins twitching.  I grabbed his head and guided his face exactly on the spot I needed and craved him to touch.  I fucked the shit out of his tongue and I came so hard that my body was jerking like I was having a seizer.  “Whew!  That felt so good Xavier I can’t believe we just did that!”  I said, and he replied, “Oh we’re not done yet.”  He pulled his swim trunks down and I’ll be damn he had a sexy third arm.  He pulled out that magnum condom and rolled it inch by inch down his long thick shaft and I couldn’t wait to feel him deep inside my walls. 
He came close to me and we kissed and without notice he entered me with a craving I hadn’t felt in a long time.  He filled me up like he was molded just for me.  It was a sweet painful feeling but I didn’t want it to stop.  He began moaning in my ear telling me how sweet and wet my quqanoo was and how he never wanted this moment to end.  He was moving his hips like he was waves in an ocean and he was thrusting his thick dick deeper and deeper inside of me.  Feeling his breath on my neck and hearing his deep moans in my ear turned me on even more that I was getting chill bumps all over my body.
I grabbed his sexy ass with both hands to thrust him deeper and deeper inside of me, but he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back.  He slowly took his dick out of me and teased my opening with the tip of his dick.  Then he plunged deep inside of me and repeated these actions over and over and it was driving me crazy.  He stood me up and placed me in front of the door.  Xavier kissed me on my neck and licked an imaginary line from my shoulder down to the crack of my ass.  Oh how good that felt.  He spread my legs apart and began licking my ass with so much passion it was awesome.  I couldn’t muffle the moans and I was begging for him to come back inside.  He quickly thrust his throbbing dick inside me pumping quicker and quicker with every thrust.  I was in ecstasy and I was close to gushing all over him but I was a little worried about how he would take it.  I told him he would have to stop because if he kept going I was going to soak him and the floor.  He told me to shush and enjoy the ride.  I asked him if he ever dealt with a gusher and he said no.  I kept trying to get him to stop but it was feeling so good.  He said please let me just please you and I said ok.  He began thrusting harder and harder deeper and deeper over and over inside of me and it was driving me insane.  He was telling me how good my quqanoo was and how he wanted to be lost inside of me all the time and as he kissed my ear the pouring began.  I was gushing all over the place it felt like someone had turned the faucet on and just let it keep pouring.  He started pumping harder and harder once he felt me soaking his legs and seconds later I heard him moan out “Ahhhhhh, whew baby im cumming so hard right now!”  He pulled out and it seemed like there was this huge puddle of water at our feet.  He kissed me again and said, “Serenity you’re amazing and that gushing shit was out of this world.”  I looked him deep in his eyes and I said Xavier you’re a life saver.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sensual Seduction

I walk into the dim lit room with my sexy black corset, knee high stiletto boots, lacy black boy shorts and my long thick black whip by my side. Kneeling in the middle of this room is this sexy indian woman with long black silky hair streaming down her back just touching the tip of her ass. As she hears me enter the room she lifts her head and stares into my eyes with those beautiful brown puppy dog eyes so seductivly.
I call to her to come to me and she says, "ok." I correct her quickly. "You are to respond to every command with a yes Madam Bianca! Do you understand?" She responds, "Yes Madam Bianca." Her voice sounds so sweet to my ears. She walks to me quickly and I say"neal before me and what is your name?" and she responds, "your slave Madam Bianca!" Hearing those words, sweet nectar begins to flow from inside my sweet walls and gives me a warm feeling within my gut.
I grab her face and begin kissing her passionatly while rubbing my fingers between her warm, dripping wet pussy. She moans oh so quietly; I tell her, "you better not moan again or there will be consequences.
I stand her up and walk behind her getting a better view of her sexy naked body before me. Smell that sweet perfume seeping from her body making me feel intoxicated. She stands before me with nothing but those sexy red pumps and its driving me crazy. I wrap my hand around her neck and begin kissing and licking her neck....her lips begin to part but no sound seeps from within. I walk in front of her and begin licking her almond brown nipples and sucking each breast one after another and still no sound. Her body shivers and she bites her lips but no sound. I nibble on her nipples gently and trace a line around them and her mouth begins to open and her legs dip and i warn her, " one sound slave and you shall regret."
I lay her down and spread her legs and lick from her navel to the right side of her inner thigh and her back arches, her breathing gets heavier, and she bites her lips. I take my fingers and play with her swollen clit. I make small circular motions inside her sweet sugawalls and her body begins to jerk. I stick my fingers deeper inside her warm cavern and she begins to bite her lips harder, and I hear short quick breaths. I could of sworn I heard her moan and I say, "Slave, did you just moan?" She responds, "No, No, No Madam Bianca" straining to get every word out.
"I didn't moan Madam Bianca." I say, "Is that so slave?" I slowly take my fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy and stick my thumb in her ass and she moans "Ahhhhh!!!!" I say, "Slave, I told you not to make a sound and now you deal with the consequences......