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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sensual Seduction

I walk into the dim lit room with my sexy black corset, knee high stiletto boots, lacy black boy shorts and my long thick black whip by my side. Kneeling in the middle of this room is this sexy indian woman with long black silky hair streaming down her back just touching the tip of her ass. As she hears me enter the room she lifts her head and stares into my eyes with those beautiful brown puppy dog eyes so seductivly.
I call to her to come to me and she says, "ok." I correct her quickly. "You are to respond to every command with a yes Madam Bianca! Do you understand?" She responds, "Yes Madam Bianca." Her voice sounds so sweet to my ears. She walks to me quickly and I say"neal before me and what is your name?" and she responds, "your slave Madam Bianca!" Hearing those words, sweet nectar begins to flow from inside my sweet walls and gives me a warm feeling within my gut.
I grab her face and begin kissing her passionatly while rubbing my fingers between her warm, dripping wet pussy. She moans oh so quietly; I tell her, "you better not moan again or there will be consequences.
I stand her up and walk behind her getting a better view of her sexy naked body before me. Smell that sweet perfume seeping from her body making me feel intoxicated. She stands before me with nothing but those sexy red pumps and its driving me crazy. I wrap my hand around her neck and begin kissing and licking her neck....her lips begin to part but no sound seeps from within. I walk in front of her and begin licking her almond brown nipples and sucking each breast one after another and still no sound. Her body shivers and she bites her lips but no sound. I nibble on her nipples gently and trace a line around them and her mouth begins to open and her legs dip and i warn her, " one sound slave and you shall regret."
I lay her down and spread her legs and lick from her navel to the right side of her inner thigh and her back arches, her breathing gets heavier, and she bites her lips. I take my fingers and play with her swollen clit. I make small circular motions inside her sweet sugawalls and her body begins to jerk. I stick my fingers deeper inside her warm cavern and she begins to bite her lips harder, and I hear short quick breaths. I could of sworn I heard her moan and I say, "Slave, did you just moan?" She responds, "No, No, No Madam Bianca" straining to get every word out.
"I didn't moan Madam Bianca." I say, "Is that so slave?" I slowly take my fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy and stick my thumb in her ass and she moans "Ahhhhh!!!!" I say, "Slave, I told you not to make a sound and now you deal with the consequences......


  1. FIRE!!! Sexy as hell!!!


  2. Wow! That was very exotic & entertaining. Waiting for the next post.Wow! That was very exotic & entertaining. Waiting for the next post. Very good cuzzo! You're an awesome author. Very good cuzzo! You're an awesome author.

  3. Thank u for taking the time to write! U have me wanting to bring this into life so I can watch & then participate!!!