Xaria's Erotic Endeavors

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Lifeguard

It was a beautiful sunny after noon.  The birds were chirping and there was this sweet lil breeze moving all over my body as I was laying out at the community pool called Gracey Park.  I have been so busy with my school work that I really haven't had a chance to hit the pool this whole summer.  I mean becoming a Forensic Scientist is no walk in the park.  The whistle was being blown which meant it was time for adult swim.  I was excited I mean dont get me wrong i like kids but its good to have a calmness in the pool without all the splashing and horsing around.  I took off my glasses and put on my hot pink and black flipflops which matched my hot pink and black bikini. 
I dipped the tips of my freshly painted hot pink and black toenails in the pool and the water felt so good.  I walked down the steps and let the water hug my body all over.  It brought chills up and down my spin of how good it felt.  I began swimming and everytime I opened and closed my legs water  seemed to be molesting my quqanoo with every stroke.  I came out of the water and began laughing because of what I had just thought about.  When I opened my eyes the lifeguard was starring at me puzzling.
 He was this sexy 6'3" carmel complected fine brother.  He had these almond brown eyes, long eyelashes, and these luscious suckable lips.  When he stood up it seemed like his body had been molded out with clay cause it was perfect.  My nipples hardened and my quqanoo began jumping from the meer thought of what it would feel like to feel those huge hands of his exploring all over my body.  I turned away because i didn't want him to see the drewl coming from my mouth from all these thoughts in my head. 
I dunked myself underwater and closed my eyes and just let my body go.  A few seconds later I felt a hand caress my thigh.  I jumped up and there he was right next to me.  He began laughing so hard at the look on my face.  I said, "Escuse me!  Does this thigh belong to you?  No..." before I could finish my next sentence he says, "I would love if it was, but I do appologise for touching you it was an accident."  I felt so embarrassed because of the attitude I had giving him knowing deep inside I wanted him to not only touch my thigh but suck and lick all over it.  I told him it was ok accidents do happen and i swam away.
With every stroke I took my mind raced thinking about that sexy lifeguard.  Damn he was so fine.  I wanted to see how those sexy lips of his would feel pressed against mine.  It would be so awesome for our tongues to do the forbidden tango for hours on end.  I wondered how his big hands would feel palming my ass and caressing my breast.  As my mind was moving a thousand miles a minute I felt these gentle firm hands grasp my hands.  I opened my eyes and there he was smiling at me.  I wiped the water off of my face and asked, “Is there something I can do for you?  You touched my thigh earlier, but said it was an accident.  Now you are holding my hand.  What’s going on?”  “Yes you can do something for me.  You can start off by telling me your name.”
My heart was pounding so fast and my mind was racing a thousand miles a minute, I calmly told him that my name was Serenity.  We stood there talking and getting to know each other so long that the kids waiting on the outside started yelling, “excuse us is it our time to get in the pool yet?”  Xavier looked down and his watch and discovered that he was supposed to have blown the whistle fifteen minutes ago.   He smiled and I was taken aback by those beautiful white teeth, and he blew the whistle to let those rowdy kids get in the pool.  I told him it was nice talking to him and I got out of the pool.  As I was drying off he came behind me and put his hands around my waist and asked where I was going.  Before I could open my mouth he pulled me close and kissed me so passionately that my knees buckled a little and my quqanoo was seeping with my sweet juices.
I pushed him away and starred into his beautiful almond eyes.  He pulled me closer again and whispered into my ear, “Serenity, come with me.”  I asked how could we go somewhere if he has to work, and he said there was another lifeguard there so if I didn’t mind going with him it was ok.  I wrapped my towel around me and followed him.  He took me into this room that said employees only and as soon as he closed the door he snatched the towel from around me.  Before I could ask him what he was doing he picked me up and placed me on the table.  He began kissing me passionately on my neck and pulled my bikini bottoms down.  He spread my legs and placed his two fingers deep inside my soaking wet creamy walls and took his fingers out and put them in his mouth.  He sucked every drop off his fingers and nodded his head in delight. He flicked his tongue over my swollen clit and sucked it sweetly.
 The way his tongue felt sliding in and out of my dripping wet quqanoo turned me on so much.  It felt like he was trying to milk the cum out of me.  He placed those same two fingers back inside of me while he was sucking on my clit and my body begins twitching.  I grabbed his head and guided his face exactly on the spot I needed and craved him to touch.  I fucked the shit out of his tongue and I came so hard that my body was jerking like I was having a seizer.  “Whew!  That felt so good Xavier I can’t believe we just did that!”  I said, and he replied, “Oh we’re not done yet.”  He pulled his swim trunks down and I’ll be damn he had a sexy third arm.  He pulled out that magnum condom and rolled it inch by inch down his long thick shaft and I couldn’t wait to feel him deep inside my walls. 
He came close to me and we kissed and without notice he entered me with a craving I hadn’t felt in a long time.  He filled me up like he was molded just for me.  It was a sweet painful feeling but I didn’t want it to stop.  He began moaning in my ear telling me how sweet and wet my quqanoo was and how he never wanted this moment to end.  He was moving his hips like he was waves in an ocean and he was thrusting his thick dick deeper and deeper inside of me.  Feeling his breath on my neck and hearing his deep moans in my ear turned me on even more that I was getting chill bumps all over my body.
I grabbed his sexy ass with both hands to thrust him deeper and deeper inside of me, but he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back.  He slowly took his dick out of me and teased my opening with the tip of his dick.  Then he plunged deep inside of me and repeated these actions over and over and it was driving me crazy.  He stood me up and placed me in front of the door.  Xavier kissed me on my neck and licked an imaginary line from my shoulder down to the crack of my ass.  Oh how good that felt.  He spread my legs apart and began licking my ass with so much passion it was awesome.  I couldn’t muffle the moans and I was begging for him to come back inside.  He quickly thrust his throbbing dick inside me pumping quicker and quicker with every thrust.  I was in ecstasy and I was close to gushing all over him but I was a little worried about how he would take it.  I told him he would have to stop because if he kept going I was going to soak him and the floor.  He told me to shush and enjoy the ride.  I asked him if he ever dealt with a gusher and he said no.  I kept trying to get him to stop but it was feeling so good.  He said please let me just please you and I said ok.  He began thrusting harder and harder deeper and deeper over and over inside of me and it was driving me insane.  He was telling me how good my quqanoo was and how he wanted to be lost inside of me all the time and as he kissed my ear the pouring began.  I was gushing all over the place it felt like someone had turned the faucet on and just let it keep pouring.  He started pumping harder and harder once he felt me soaking his legs and seconds later I heard him moan out “Ahhhhhh, whew baby im cumming so hard right now!”  He pulled out and it seemed like there was this huge puddle of water at our feet.  He kissed me again and said, “Serenity you’re amazing and that gushing shit was out of this world.”  I looked him deep in his eyes and I said Xavier you’re a life saver.


  1. DAMN!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! So sexy!!!! Part 2 coming soon??


  2. Wow. You got me gone! I'm bout to go make some womans night.


  4. Very sexy, I think I'm going to have to put my swim trunks on and play lifeguard tonight...