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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shower Head

The sun is shinning like a beautiful diamond, with the perfect breeze setting the perfect temperature.  I'm so excited to start my day.  I reach and grab my iPad and walk into my bathroom.  I stretch my hands to the sky and arch my back and I take a seat on this freezing cold porcelain which woke me up completely.  Whew wasn't expecting that.  The pee trickles out and I'm now at relief.  I wipe and get an instant tingling inside, which surprised me.  I wash my hands and brush my teeth, and turn on pandora to jhene aiko's station.  I turn on the faucet and turn it towards the hot direction so it can heat up.  I pull up the plug and the shower shoots water out like a waterfall.

I place my right hand in there and allow the water to flow and roll through my fingers.  The temperature is perfect for me as the steam begins to fog up the mirror.  I place one foot in at a time and chills consumes my body and my juices begin to flow instantly.  It never fails because water has some type of control over me.  I step closer into the stream and it caresses my face as it saturates my hair.  I turn my back to the pressure and arch my back and begin to stroke my fingers through my hair full of shampoo, followed by conditioner.  I don't rinse the conditioner out right away I let it sit as I lather my body with my purple bath clothe.

I place the rag up to my neck and apply a little pressure and I'm imagining her hands instead.  My head pushes closer into the pressure to let her know I'm hers to do as she wishes.  Her hand slides onto my chest and begins circling around my erect nipples one at a time.  A soft sigh escapes from my lips.  Her hand traces circles down my stomach and resting on my thigh, and without her having to say anything I spread them wider for her so she can touch all of me.  My body jerks from the pleasure I'm receiving from her gentle touch.  Her hand slides between my thighs and begins to play with my clitoris.  My back is resting up against the cold wall and mixing with the hot water making the perfect combination of this spell I'm under.

The water begins to wash away the traces of the soap that was just there and then her lips greet and place the sweetest kiss upon my sweet spot.  My back arches more exposing all of me.  She drops down to her knees and places my right leg upon her shoulder.  She places her nose deep inside of me taking huge breaths of my scent which drives her insane.  Her tongue traces her name because she belongs to only her.  She laps my sweet juices all over her tongue like she is French kissing me just like how I adore.  She plays with my clit and dives her tongue in and out of me.  She has this thing she does with her tongue where she places my clit between her tongue like her tongue is a hotdog bum and she humms the most beautiful song made only for me.

My body begins to jerk more and within seconds I cum all over her tongue and she drinks every last drop.  Her finger invades my pussy and I cum again and again and again until I just can't take anymore.  She turns me around and now my face is up against the wall.  She places kisses upon each cheek and dives deep inside my ass with her soft tongue and her fingers are deep inside my pussy at the same damn time.  I'm reaching out to try to grasp on to something to hold me up and again I cum.  My knees feel weak and I open my eyes and she's gone.  I gain my composer and rinse all the soap that remains.  Allow the water to wash all traces of my fantasy away, and start my day on an up tempo beat.

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