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Monday, September 5, 2011

Forbidden Lover

My body seems to be on fire in the inside, but he doesn’t notice.  My nipples are so hard you could poke a hole in a paper bag!  He just stands there while I’m mind fucking him as if he doesn’t notice what’s going on.  Every time he opens his mouth I want to stick my finger all in it and have him suck it as if it’s my clit filling up his mouth.  Damn, I mean why does he do this to me?  How did I get this bad?
We met six months ago at my cousin’s house, and he was just a cool person.  I mean when I looked at him I thought he was attractive but that was it.  He talked to me about things that went on in his past and I gave him advice and vice versa.  I mean I never thought we would keep in touch although we did exchange information. 
While my husband Gabriel was working and traveling, Romeo would call and check on me and I’d do the same for him.  We started talking everyday sometimes three and four times a day.  We talked more than what my husband and I talked.  The conversations we had were mentally stimulating and so much fun.  Sometimes I’d say to myself, “Damn, he has more of a desire to communicate with me than my husband who I’ve been married to and committed to for six years now!”  It was cool to have a relationship with a person of the opposite sex and it is strictly platonic. 
After three months of us having consistent contact with one another, I truly knew a lot about him and had a desire to continue getting to know him.  I knew he had a daughter named Destiny, his favorite color was green, his favorite food was lasagna, and his favorite movie was “Romeo & Juliet.”  Sometimes he would joke with me by calling me his Juliet. 
Juliet is who I desired to be but I’d never tell him that.  I would just laugh it off every time he called me that and just said he was silly.  One thing I noticed about him is that he never talked about a special lady in his life other than me.  When Gabriel was disrespectful and mean to me I’d try not to talk about it but Romeo could tell something was wrong and wouldn’t let it go until I told him what was going on.  He never once talked bad about Gabriel he’d try to get me to understand why men acted and talked the way they did, but always told me no one ever deserved to be treated like that.  
 Romeo told me that he was planning on coming back to Gretna to stay for a month or so because he had training to do for his job and I got so excited.  I’d finally have my favorite person in the whole wide world in the same city as me for a whole month.  I was on cloud nine I told Gabriel and he could care less, he told me that I needed to grow up and stop acting like a damn child cause that guy wasn’t my friend.  His words hurt so bad.  I mean that wasn’t true because he told me that I was a great true friend, true friend is what he said.  It’s just like Gabriel, always trying to hurt my feelings.  Don’t know why he likes to hurt me so much but it’s getting old. 
The day had finally come when Romeo was to fly in.  He had asked me to pick him up from the airport and I was more than eager to pick him up.  As he was walking down that long hallway it seemed like time had just stopped and it was only him moving with this light shining on him from head to toe.  His stride was that of a black stallion demanding all attention with a graceful sway of his hips.  His lips seemed so suck able and his muscles were bulging out of his shirt.  I began wondering why I never noticed how sexy he was before.   I mean I thought he was an attractive man but never did I notice how beautiful and deep his eyes were, or how deep his dimples were when he smiled at me.  He dropped his bags and grabbed me so tightly and spun me around and I just melted within his arms.  He kissed me on the cheek and said, “Hi my Juliet, your Romeo is home!”  I slapped his arm and said, “you so silly boy put me down.” 
The whole way to my cousin’s house we talked non-stopped and my mind raced non-stopped about where all these feelings were coming from.  He looked at me in mid- sentence and said, “I’m so sorry,” and I asked, “What are you sorry for?”  “You look so beautiful and classy with your hair cut like that.”  I was taken aback by that comment because all Gabriel did was carry on how I looked like a boy and how stupid I was for cutting it. “Thank you Romeo that was so sweet,” I told him and just kept driving.  We pulled into the driveway of my cousin’s house just in time because I didn’t know how much longer I could bite my tongue.  I wanted to tell him about all these emotions flooding my mind.
This feeling was new to me, because I never thought I’d feel this way about another man other than my husband.  He reached over and kissed me on my cheek and told me thanks and I was the best for having his back and getting him there.  I told him no problem, and got out of the car.  After about ten minutes of mind fucking him, my panties were drenched in lust.  I had to get out of there before the emotions got the best of me.  I told him I was gonna head home, and he reached for my hand and asked me to stay a little while longer.  At the slightest touch of his hand I felt my body being held down by quick sand.  I told him I’d stay for a little while longer but I should get home because it was getting rather late.  He asked me to watch this movie he had bought called borrowed something I couldn’t remember the whole title.
What I did remember was that it was about this girl that had feelings for this guy but due to certain circumstances she couldn’t be with him and I knew exactly what she was talking about.
In the middle of the movie I told him I should get home and he asked me why I kept trying to leave him, and I couldn’t hold my tongue back anymore.  I told him how all these emotions out of nowhere began pouring in at the airport.  How he made me feel so special and my husband made me feel like shit.  How he complemented my hair when the man I did it for said I looked like a boy and I was about to say my next words when he grabbed my face and gave me the most mind blowing kiss I had ever had in my life.
My mind was telling me to pull away and never see him again, but my body was screaming take me now.  I was like a hungry wolf trying to devour his being.  I ripped his shirt off and there was this black panther on his right muscular shoulder.  Damn he is so fucking sexy.  He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom.  He laid me down on the bed and kissed me so gentle.  He whispered in my ear that he was in love with me.  He told me about how he was serious about me being his Juliet.  My heart began beating so fast. 
He slowly undressed me, and caressed every part of my trembling body.  He admired every part of my body telling me how beautiful I was.  He kissed me from head to toe not missing a spot.  He spread my legs and dove his face deep within my wetness and slurped every drop.  His tongue played a sweet melody on the tip of my clitoris.  While his fingers held a constant temple diving deeper and deeper inside of me until I climaxed all over his fingers and his waiting tongue.  He inched his body on top of me and looked me deep into my eyes asking for permission to enter and I gladly granted permission. 
His thick nine inch dick slowly parted my pussy lips giving me painful pleasure with every thrust he gave going deeper and deeper inside my body.  He slowly thrust his thickness in me over and over as if we were doing this slow waltz.  He looked deep into my eyes with every thrust telling me that he was giving me all of him.  He kissed me so gentle and had so much passion for me it was over whelming.  I never felt this way not even in the six years of being with Gabriel. 
He had me on cloud nine and tears began flowing from my eyes and he began kissing them away, and asked if I was hurting and wanted to stop.  I told him to not stop until we both exploded at the same time.  He smiled and continued making passionate love to me.  This man had skills; the way he whined his hips and thrust that thick dick in me was if he was on the dance floor dancing to reggae or something.  Just the type of man I loved knowing how to dance and make love at the same time.
We went at it for hours nonstop until it felt like we had no more to give.  I looked over at him and he at I and asked, “Where do we go from here?” 


  1. That was great it got me to thinking................

  2. i neva knew u was a poet im feelin this