Xaria's Erotic Endeavors

Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Faces of she

I strolled over to her with my red lace boy shorts, black pumps and nothing else on.  She was so deep into her work that she never noticed me walking up to her.  The way her fingers glide across those keys with so much intensity shoot chills right through me.  It seems like she’s in a trance and those keys are stings directing me.  The more she plays the stronger my desire grows.  The tune she’s playing is my story.  It starts off slow and out of sync almost naive to the melody.  Grows into a rapid savage beast controlling everyone’s attention, and now it’s a just a consistent pulsating pluck of the strings with a seductive feel that brings tears from within me.

I run my fingers through her dreads and take in her sweet aroma of cucumber melon.  Her eyes close and now I control the intensity of the melody her fingers play.  As I trace small circles along the right side of her neck, a moan seeps from her beautiful plump lips.  I begin French kissing her neck gentle at first and then I get a little more aggressive and her body begins jerking.  A smirk comes to my face but deep within my eyes you could see that beast appearing.  I run my fingers across those sexy lips of hers and she places them inside her warm, wet soft mouth one at a time, and instantly I become drenched in my sweet juices.  Waves begin rolling in my stomach that I feel deep inside my cavern I’m dying for her to explore. 

I place those same fingers deep in my pussy soaking them in my juices and place them one at a time back into her waiting mouth.  She begins sucking on them with emergency as if her life depended on it.  I had to pull them back cause I to want to taste my sweet flavor.  I place those same fingers in my mouth and taste the combination of her peppermint breath and my juices and it turns me on to no end.  I kiss her like I never kissed her before.  She puts her guitar down and picks me up cheek in each hand and places me up against the wall.

 She knows how I love it when she does that.  I wrap my legs around her waist and we kiss with so much passion my heart is pumping out of my chest and straight into hers.  I wine my hips slowly and begin stirring her insides, because I know how she loves when I wine my hips like were making love.  She grabs my face so I’m looking directly in her eyes and confesses her unconditional love for me.  She slowly slides me down the wall to the floor and pulls my panties off all at the same time.  I lay there vulnerable and yearning for her touch. 

She places my toes in her mouth then traces a line from my shin to the tip of my clit.  She sucks it gently in and out of her mouth teasing me leaving me in anticipating her next move.  She laps my pussy up so good she has my legs jumping and quivering uncontrollably.  She stops for a second and slickly say’s you ok up there?  I reply yes trying to catch my breath and she reply’s “Good Girl!”  Something about the way she says that turns me on to no end. 

She moves her tongue in a way it should be considered an art form.  She has my legs jumping and my body jerking like I’m having a seizer.  She places her mouth back on top of my pussy and starts milking this huge orgasm brewing inside of me.  I try to hold it back because I don’t want this moment to end but within minutes I’m gushing all over her face.  She just keeps saying, ”Good Girl, Good Girl, Gooooood Girl!” Another orgasm rushes over me again and she has this evil grin on her face.  She places her fingers inside of me and whispers in my ear, “we’re not done yet boo I know you got more for me!” 
Feeling her breath in my ear and her warmth on top of me I came again.  She traces circles down my neck, past my breast right to my clit.  She doesn’t waste time she jerks my legs over her shoulders and pins me so I can’t move.  She looks at me so piercing and just dives so deep inside of me I could have sworn I was giving birth to her.  Oh my goodness this shit feels so good.  She says to me, “Let me hear those ABC’s.”  I take a breath and begin AHHHHHH I I mean A UMMM Babababab B oooohhh boo ummm She stops and laughs and says, “is this what you were taught in class?”  Boo stop playing I’m trying to get it out but you can eat the shit out of my pussy, I reply.  She sucks my clit and then I feel like there are a thousand tongues all over my pussy and within seconds ripples and ripples of orgasms flow from me.  My legs are jumping uncontrollably and I get a cramp in my toes because I clinched them so hard.  Whew!  When she finally was done I woke up in the bed the next morning.


  1. O.M.G gurl i cant wait for you to do and book <3

  2. Omg!! Great short story. Your good.....

  3. You are definitely good, baby. Ly.

  4. Wow! What a story. Is it your fantasy or reality? I know what I want it to be. You've wet my appetite for more. Thx for telling me about your blog!

  5. Wow! Is this your fantasy or reality? I'll be dreamin about it. Thx for sharing your blog address tonight. You've wet my appetite. Can't wait for you to share more of your talent.