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Friday, November 25, 2011

Play Date

I’ve known Angelica just about all my life.  We got married back in 08 and we have had some ups and downs.  Right now is more of the down slop then even getting a glance of what up looks like.  I’m hoping that we can work this out cause I’m really getting tired of all this drama we have just about every day.  I know I have a lot to do with majority of our issues but I’m not giving up.  I love this woman and I just gotta figure out a way to show her. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so maybe I’ll just have to show her how “Thankful I am!”  We head out to my family’s house and enjoy a lovely meal and the company of my close ones.  My cousin Juanna had her baby Bella there and she was so beautiful.  I looked over at Angelica and thought what our baby would look like if we ever had one.  Wonder what we would name the baby?  If we had a boy would we name him Bishop Jr, or jasmine if it were a girl?  Wow never thought about that before! 

I just kept staring at her and realizing how beautiful she truly was.  She had these almond brown eyes with soft caramel flawless skin.  She was 5’3’’ and we meshed well together.  It’s like we mesh well together.  If I was lying on the couch and she climbed on, she fit perfectly into me like she was the missing piece to my puzzle.

It was about that time for us to head home and my mind began running a mile a minute.  We pulled out of my people’s house and began our journey home.  The song “You the one” came on and I just started listening to the words and everything she was saying was exactly how I was feeling about Angelica.  I reached over to touch her hand and just from the touch heat began swelling in my pants.  She looked over at me for a second then looked back to the street.  I started picturing her breast in my mouth and the wetness of her pussy sucking my dick deeply inside. 

I was driving myself crazy just from the thought of that scene because we hadn’t had sex in two weeks from all the arguing and anger.  I was about to burst and we had an hour drive to get home, but I remembered there was this park about 10 mins. down the street.  We had never done anything outside of the house so I felt a lil adventurous and I was hoping she would feel the same.  She started looking around puzzled when she saw I was pulling into this dimly lit park.  She say’s, “Bishop is everything ok?  Why are we stopping? 

I don’t respond I just park the car turn off the lights and get out.  I couldn’t chance saying anything and messing up this scene I had brewing.  I walk over to her side of the car and open the door and reach for her hand and she reluctantly gives it to me.  I guide her out and we walk to the playground a lil ways away from the car.  Its so dark out here that no one would every know we were here.  All night she was teasing me crossing her legs so the split in her skirt showed a small part of her thigh.  I walked her to the steps and put her close to the rail and pushed her over it a little.  She looked at me and saw that look in my eyes and did as I instructed. 

She bent over on the rail and spread her legs a little to help me get full entry.  I slid her purple thongs to the side and slid my hard throbbing dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy and we both gasped for air.  It had been way too long that I felt this deep wet warm pussy of hers.  I would fill her up with all of me and slowly pull my dick out inch by inch and then I teased her with just the head of my dick.  Her hair was swinging and close to touching the ground and she hates when I tease her cause she’s a greedy girl.  She wants Daddy’s entire dick.  

It’s funny to hear her whining and being so vulnerable begging me to feed her this dick not a little part of it all of it.  I give her exactly what she wants.  I thrust my dick deeper and deeper into her till I can’t go anymore and whin my hips and slow grind on that sweet pussy.  I pull her up and take her to the opening of the sliding board’s tube and place her on her knees.  I grab two hand fulls of her fat ass and start fucking her with all my mite.  I have to hold back cause I don’t want this to end.  Being outside inside of her with no one even knowing we’re here has me intoxicated. 

Her moans fill the air and the cool breeze sends chills through my body.  I pump my dick deeper and deeper inside of her.  I release her ass and start to hold on the top of the sliding board and just thrust harder and harder inside of her and she gets wetter.  Her breast are bouncing up and down with every thrust and she’s saying my name and telling me how good it feels and at that moment I lose my footing and bust my ass and she goes sliding down the slide.  We laugh so hard like we had never laughed before.  I rush down the steps to pick her up and she starts walking back to the car and I pull her back and say, “I’m not done with you yet!”  Her eye raises and follows me with this beautiful smile on her face.  I place her on the swing and kneel before her and place her legs on my shoulders and begin swinging her back and forth while I taste that sweet wet pussy.  I gently suck and nibble on her thick clit and she lays her head back while her hair just dangles and swings in the air.  I trace small circles all in and around her pussy and it drives her crazy.  I love the way her voice sounds when she’s in ecstasy, so gentle and vulnerable and open and it’s all because of me.  Umm she turns me on even more and I don’t plan on stopping until I milk every drop from her.  I suck on that click and flick my tongue until her legs clinch around my neck and she cums all down my throat.  Damn, she tastes so good.  I lick my lips and she looks at me in amazement and asks, “Where did all this come from?”  I tell her how much I love her and how I want things to work between the two of us.  I want us to start working on our family and how I want us to start a new.  She kisses me so passionately that my knees buck and I can’t wait to get her home so we can go for round two.


  1. Bravo!!!!!! This was great! I remember when I had my first outside experience. Brought back some great memories.