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Monday, November 7, 2011


Smack!  He hit me so hard I flew into the wall with such force that my head snapped back and made a dent in the wall.  Excruciating pain began shooting through my head and neck that I could hardly stay awake.  I felt nauseous and weak all at the same time, but I knew if I let this weakness take over he’d surly kill me!  Lord, please protect me from this devil trying to take my life.  Next thing I know he was on top of me hitting me like I was a man out in the streets. 
Pow!  Was the sound I heard when his fist hit my eye.  I became numb to all the pain going on and I kinda floated away into my happy place.  I felt this cool breeze wrapping its arms around me and I felt safe.  Even though I knew I was about to die I felt a calmness taking over.  It seemed like I was experiencing an outer body experience because I saw my body jumping on and off the ground from the impact of his punches.  I had never seen so much anger in all my days.  My right eye was closed but I could still see his soft brown eyes starring through me with tears streaming down his eyes saying, “you gone die bitch!  You gone die.”
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, and I was barely breathing.  He hovered over me for a few minutes looking at me in disgust then in the same split second he looked so sweet.  He left and I felt relieved, because I thought maybe he had changed his mind about taking my life.  I closed my other eye and my breathing began getting choppier.  I wasn’t afraid anymore I was at ease. 
Crrrrrrrrr Crrrrr rip, was the sound I heard as he was ripping my shirt apart.  I struggled to open my eye but I was too weak to even do that.  I felt something sharp run up my chest then, pop my bra flung apart and hit the floor.  He pulled me away from the wall and my breasts were bouncing up and down with every pull.  Tears began falling from my eye because I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.  He dropped my legs and forced them apart.  I tried to pull them in and fight him off but I was too weak.  I tried to scream but I couldn’t make a sound. 
I heard the jingling sound of him unbuttoning his belt and un-zipping his pants and I kept trying to pull my legs together but they felt like dead weight.  He fell on top of me and I could smell his stale breath breathing all up my nose and my stomach started churning.  He forced his dick in me with so much force I felt my vagina wall ripping.  He was pumping his thick dick harder and harder in side of me like he was trying to rip my pelvic bone off.  He put his hot mouth and yellow stained teeth on my nipples and began biting so hard.  I couldn’t scream or move and it was awful.  He began sucking on them and then started whispering in my ear, “no one will ever love you after I’m done with you!”
 He placed his hands around my throat and started squeezing while he was pumping his dick in and out of my pussy over and over.  “Damn, you got some good as pussy.  I mean it’s so wet, deep and it’s hugging the shit out of this big dick bitch.”  He removed his hands from around my neck and placed them under my ass and began spreading them apart so he was hitting deeper inside my pussy.  He began moaning louder and louder in my ear, “Ahhhh Ahhh Ummmm !  Damn, Bitch I’m about to cum so hard I’m gone blow your fucking body away. “He pulled out of me and threw me over so hard my nose hit the floor and blood began gushing from my nose and he could care less.  I couldn’t wipe it or move or scream or stop him I felt so helpless.  He pulled my butt up in the air and rammed his dick so hard in my ass that I threw up from all the pain I was experiencing.  He kept telling me over and over how my ass was so tight tighter than my pussy but not as sweet.  How he was going to rip my ass open and fuck me to death.
He was thrusting his huge dick in my little ass over and over and harder and harder.  He began yelling louder and louder, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”  He must have finished and nutted all in my ass because he got quiet and hunched over on my back.  He rolled over and instantly fell asleep.  I began praying and asking god to grant me the strength to move, to get to the phone, to yell for help or even be able to run.  I looked over at him and all my memories of our life were washed away with this awful nightmare that I prayed wouldn’t be replayed in my dreams.
My legs began feeling stronger and my arms began feeling stronger and I pulled myself up using the wall.  I used the wall to hold me up and grabbed whatever I could to hold on.  I reached the door and finally got it open and as I collapsed Papo came out of nowhere and held me up so I wouldn’t fall.  The way Papo looked at me with so much fear wouldn’t let me go and just kept telling me that everything would be ok.  Papo called the cops and wrapped me up in a blanket.  I passed out in Papo’s arms and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the intensive care unit with Papo right beside me holding my hand.  This was my second chance and I wasn’t gonna mess it up.  I said my prayer to GOD to come into my life and save me and I was reborn.

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